ACM Training | | practising the social web in private
The works just like the real life platforms such as Twitter - without the audience. Thanks to our very clever techy (his name's Rob but we call him Brains) our highly realistic facsimiles feel like the real thing and behave like the real thing. We can even, at the press of a button, generate waves of comments that simulate the sheer volume of online traffic certain events generate in reality.

This realism is key to the success of the With it, IT systems, management structures and, crucially, the human component of any organisational machine can be properly stress tested - to breaking point if necessary. With realism comes the confidence that if you pass the test you're genuinely ready for a real life situation. And even if you fail (and there's no shame in that) then you'll know exactly what you need to do to be better prepared either for everyday life on the social web or for those Twitter storms that can blow up seemingly from nowhere.

An extensive set of feedback tools built into the admin system means that, at a glance, you can deconstruct your response, identify gaps in your systems and training needs in your personnel.