ACM Training | | practising the social web in private
The is priced per "event"- whether that event is a day-long emergency planning exercise or a term-long series of lessons to help school children understand the pros and cons of the social web. And the more events you buy the less you pay per event.

There are two levels of service: one we call dry hire and the other, you've guessed, we call wet hire. Dry hire is best suited to PR companies, agencies, local authority emergency planning departments and big press offices with established expertise who want to use the test bed with their existing clients – internal or external. With dry hire you get your own administration account so you can set up user accounts and host multiple test events. Just add the people to make it work - either your own colleagues or your clients' staff.

If you haven't got the human resources our wet hire option is probably for you. We do the administration for you, set up your user accounts and, if necessary, help you devise test events and provide the staff to make it happen.

Dry hire
From £500 per event - 1 admin account, 1000 user accounts and 12 test events a year.

Wet hire - By negotiation depending on your requirement.

Try before you buy - You wouldn't buy a car without a road test. So if you'd like to test the send us your name, email address and a few details about you or your organisation and we'll set you up with a trial user account for free.