ACM Training | | practising the social web in private
The is a secure online environment where users can - as the name suggests - test or train for the social web well away from the public eye. Engineers have long been using real test beds to make safer and better products. We believe our virtual test bed will help you make better and safer use of platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

But it's got many other uses besides. In particular the is a great way of driving forward emergency planning exercises - dynamically and in real-time - so that emergency plans can be properly validated, staff trained and procedures tested (as required of organisations under the Civil Contingencies Act). It can be used as a tool in discussion-based, desk top and live exercises.

The is also a fantastic tool to teach children (especially at primary level) social media norms, etiquette and dangers such as cyber bullying and grooming in a safe, secure and supportive classroom environment.

What's more the is a brilliant way for conference organisers to offer delegates live Twitter-style interaction during an event without the posts being visible to a wider, public audience - perfect when the subject matter is private or sensitive in some way.